Reentry Program Center/Prison Ministry

Reentry Center programs are designed to assist incarcerated individuals with a successful transition to their community after they are released.

Job Training Program:

Provide participants with support from mentors that will help them learn to overcome barriers, increase their confidence and gain hope for their futures; 2) Decrease rates of recidivism by encouraging participants to make choices that will enable them to be successful. These will be achieved through programs such as:

  • Job training and skill acquisition program
  • Employment referral program
  • Mentoring/ Life Coach Program
  • Spiritual and Professional counseling
  • Information/ resources and referrals
  • Resources on Legal and Advocacy

Prison Ministry Program: We offer Services in the following areas

  • Organize Outreach and Prison Visitation
  • Resources Family Reunification Services
  • Resources for Pre –Release Programs
  • Resources, information and referral to Probation and Parole Services
  • Resources, Referral o Law Enforcement and Sherriff Departments
  • Resources and information on Juvenile Systems and Court System
  • Prayers and Counselling

For more information call Bro Iyke